Lotus Loan Sri Lanka - Apply online & Get money Rs.40000!

Lotus Loan Sri Lanka - Apply online & Get money Rs.40000!
★★★★★ 4.71 Reviews: 16 Lotus Loan Sri Lanka - Apply online & Get money Rs.40000!
Loan Terms
first credit, rate:
first loan, amount:
1500-40000 Rs.
max sum:
70000 Rs.
loan term:
1-180 days
percentage per day:
Calculate Commission

Loan Amount

Loan Period

Rs. 10000
Rs. 30

Lotus Loan: Online Application up to Rs.40,000 ᐈ Get a loan in 15 minutes ᐈ You can save money if repay the loan within 7 days. Up to 70,000 for repeat borrowers


LOTUS LOAN is the best solution for those who want to get a loan quickly and without problems. An online loan from Lotus Loan will help you get money on credit today.

The service is completely online, which means you can save your time and get a loan without leaving your home right now. A minimum of complicated procedures when applying and a minimum of time will help you solve your financial problems very quickly. No deposit required. You simply fill out an online application and you can quickly receive money.

LotusLoan is indeed a good choice for many Sri Lankans to help get funding for all your plans or unexpected events in one day. The loan approval process is fast. Get your money today!

Terms and Conditions

Loan Amount:from 15 000 to Rs. 70 000
Loan Period: 90-182 days
Loan Type: online loan or bank account
Collateral or Guarantor: not needed
Employment: yes
Loan Extension: yes
Citizen: Sri Lankan
Age of borrower: 22-55 years old
You Need: valid NIC, mobile phone number and email
lotus loan sri lanka online loans

The loan is calculated as follows

Loan amount: Rs.30,000
Loan period: 92 days
Monthly installment: Rs.16,021
Interest rate: Rs.18,062
Total payment: Rs.48,062

lotus loan sri lanka online loans

Consequences of late/non-payment of a loan

Interest shall accrue on a daily basis on the total unpaid principal of the Loan commencing from the Disbursement Date until the Loan is repaid in full based on the actual number of days elapsed. However, the Service Provider at its discretion may change the interest rate from time to time by Notice to Customer. For avoidance of doubt, interest shall be calculated on the Disbursement Date on total amount of the Loan granted to the Customer. In the event that the Customer has not repaid the full amount of Loan (including interest and any fee payables under the Loan agreement) within four (04) calendar days from Pay Day, the Customer shall be required to pay a Late Payment Fee of Sri Lankan Rupees Two Thousand (LKR 2,000/-) (“Late Payment Fee”) as calculated in terms of the Clause 4.7 Such Late Payment Fee is only applicable if the total amount of outstanding payment including principal, interest and all the fees is more than Sri Lankan Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty (LKR 250/-). read more


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone: 0-117-821-444
applications accepted: 24/7
contact center: 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday
address: 00800,Colombo, Sri Lanka, 7, 1/1 Cotta Terrace


  • Application will take about 3 min and you can do it on your smartphone or PC
  • Fully online process for you so that you can get money without extra travel and hassle
  • Repay through your bank branch or with internet bank service
  • You always know how much you need to repay
  • service line is at your disposal to answer all questions
  • Takes not more than a day to get the money in your account
  • We are a leading online financial solution

Lotus Loan Repayment

  • Online card payment for free - Money will be appeared on our account within few minutes
  • Cargills Food City - You can repay your loan by using Cargills cash voucher at any Cargills Food City Outlet Island wide
  • Bank deposit - Internet bank, ATM/CDM machines, Deposit money at any branch via cashers
  • Pay&Go kiosks - You can also repay your loan through a wide network of Pay&Go kiosks.

Lotus Loan - Reviews:

★★★★★ (4.71) Reviews: 16

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Hadisi. Awashayatawayak. Rs. 10000


I recently applied for a loan with Lotus Loan, and I was extremely impressed with their loan process. The application was straightforward and easy to complete, and I received a loan offer within a few hours. The customer service team was friendly and responsive, and they helped me understand the loan terms and answered all of my questions. The loan terms were also very favorable, with a low-interest rate and flexible repayment options. Overall, I had a great experience with Lotus Loan, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient lending company.








My favorite loan company! They had to earn this title with their honest offer, quickly implemented loans and a good price list. I recommend Lotus Loan!


මගේ සංවත්සරය සදහා මට යම් මුදලක් අවශ්‍ය විය. ඒ අවස්ථාවේදී මගේ මිතුරා ලෝටස් ණය මගින් අන්තර්ජාලය හරහා ණය මුදලක් ඉල්ලුම් කිරීමට මූල්‍යමය උපදෙස් ලබා දුන්නේය. ඒක පුදුමයි මට ඉක්මනට එය ලැබුණා හා එය ආපසු ගෙවීම සදහා මාස දෙකක කාලයක් තිබෙනවා. එය මට පහසුය.


පුද්ගලිකව, මම හිතන්නේ සමාගම විශිෂ්ටයි. වේගවත් ණය සෑම කෙනෙකුටම අවශ්‍ය වේ! ඔබ ණයක් ගෙන එය කිසිදු ගැටළුවක් නොමැතිව ආපසු ගෙවා ඇත්නම්, ඊළඟ වතාවේ ඔබට තවත් බොහෝ මුදලක් ගණන් ගත හැකිය!


මගේ මතය අනුව, Lotus Loan සෑම අතින්ම වඩා හොඳ ය. මම එය වසර ගණනාවක් තිස්සේ භාවිතා කර ඇති අතර මට එය විශ්වාසයෙන් ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට නිර්දේශ කළ හැකිය.


සියල්ල හරි! මම නිර්දේශ කරන්නේ!


lotus loan යනු හොඳ දීමනාවකි, සංවේදී නොවේ, නමුත් නරකම නොවේ - බොහෝ අය මෙන්.


සමාගමට ප්‍රවර්ධන රාශියක් ඇත, ලියාපදිංචිය ඉක්මන් සහ පහසු වේ, මිල ලැයිස්තුව සිසිල් වන අතර ඔබට මුදල් සඳහා බලා සිටීමට අවශ්‍ය නැත, කොපමණ දැයි දෙවියන් දනී. මට නම්, බැරෑරුම් ලෙස, පිරිනැමීම එකම සාධාරණ එකක් විය.


පිරිනැමීම ඉතා ඉහළ අගයක් ගනී. මුදල් ලැබෙන තුරු දින කිහිපයක් බලා සිටීමට සිදු විය.


මට නම්, ලෝටස්ලෝන් පිරිනැමීම හොඳ සහ පහසු ය. අනික පලවෙනි ණයට 0%ට රුපියල් 30,000ක් දක්වා ගොඩක් දෙනවා. ඉතා ආකර්ෂණීය ශබ්ද!


නීති පැහැදිලිය, සැඟවුණු ගාස්තු නොමැත. පාරිභෝගික සේවාව සමඟ සම්බන්ධ වීම හොඳ වන අතර ඉල්ලීම් ඉක්මනින් සකසනු ලැබේ. ඔබට තව කුමක් අවශ්යද?


මම දෙවරක් නෙළුම් ණයක් ගත් අතර සෑම අවස්ථාවකදීම එය පහසු සහ වේගවත් විය! ඔවුන්ට අනවශ්‍ය ලියකියවිලි රාශියක් දීමට අවශ්‍ය නැත! ඉතා පහසු වන!
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